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  • Interview (Story Version)

    I teach 10th grade reading, 10th grade intensive and foundational reading, it’s basically another support class for kids who currently aren’t on grade level. I also teach broadcast journalism, which um, we make the morning show that’s what I do. They make the morning show, and, they’re really good at it. My first teaching job that I was getting paid for was when I was in grad school, cause I worked as a teaching assistant, a lot of that was just reading papers but I had a lot of opportunities where I was able to lecture and where I was able to like lead my own little discussion groups. I do count that, even if it’s not the same as being a full-time teacher. And then when I started teaching was 2020-2021, that was the year when people were online and in-person. I taught at a middle school in Hillsborough County, Jennings Middle School. Since I was hired that year when they did a bunch of layoffs, I was laid off, so in terms of my real teaching job I’d say that was my real first teaching job, but it only lasted a few months, and then shortly thereafter I was picked up in Pinellas County. So, this is like my first teaching job that’s lasted more than a few months.

  • Post-Interview

    The person I chose for my interview (Rachel Cox) was chosen for several reasons. One is because she’s a friend of my dad’s current fiancee, meaning that it was pretty easy to get a hold of her. The other reason I chose her is because I wanted to make sure that the person I was getting a hold of, wasn’t too far away from where I’m located. I’m often very busy, and I don’t want to have to interview someone at this current moment that’s an hour or more away. Going in to the interview, there was a worry on my part that the questions I asked might be too simplistic, given my lack of knowledge on teaching and education and also that the answers she would provide would be too short for me to get anything out of it. Fortunately for me, the interview went pretty well, as it became clear that my interviewee had a lot of things to say about her job and issues that her job presented. I emailed Gaspar beforehand on how long the average interview should be, to which he said it should be 15-25 minutes, and I wound up with one that was about 30 minutes, so in the end, my worries didn’t mean all that much.

  • Hook, Lead and Thesis

    In the world of education, many are worried that the pandemic has had an effect on the younger generation and how they process information. But what do actual teachers have to say on this matter? Well, Ms. Rachel Cox has some stuff to say on this matter.


    1. Where do you work?
    2. Your job is?
    3. What made you want to be a teacher?
    4. Were those subjects you were heavily interested in?
    5. Do you enjoy the company of your students and other faculty members?
    6. When it comes to like teaching the students, are there are any specific strategies you have for how to give them the information?
    7. With the pandemic and what not, there are many who are worried that kids may not be learning information as well as they might be without it, and in a report from the Pew Research Center, it said that 16% of kids aged 13-17 have expressed worry that they might be falling behind because of the pandemic (28% of those were Hispanic students). Do you feel like the pandemic has in anyway affected your students at all?
    8. Is there anything about the teaching experience that you wish would be improved on? A lot of teachers, especially now, complain about burnout and not getting paid enough.
    9. In Florida there’s been a major teacher shortage, and governor Ron DeSantis said that he was looking at filling some of these teacher roles with first responders like paramedics, firefighters and veterans. How do you feel about this.
    10. Finally, do you have any advice out there for future teachers, or like high school and/or college students who are maybe interested in becoming teachers or are looking into currently?

  • The Interview

    A person that I would like to interview is Charlie Crist, the democratic nominee of this year’s Florida midterm elections. I think given how divided we all are as a nation, that it would be a good idea to interview this potential candidate to see what he would do if he were to acquire the position that he’s campaigning for. It’s especially noteworthy that Crist used to be a Republican, only for him to then switch to the Democratic party in 2012 (he was also briefly Independent). All of this would make him a particularly interesting candidate to interview. If I were to interview him, I would ask if there are any particular reasons for why he changed his party, and if said change has also impacted how he views specific topics. I would also like to ask him about what his plans would be if here were to become governor of the state, and what the key positions he’s focusing on with his campaign are. I would also like to know how he’s trying to persuade Florida residents to vote for him, and if there’s a particular angle he’s trying to focus on with his campaign. It’s also worth noting that if Crist were to win this would be the second time he’s served as governor, with his first instance being between 2007-2011. As such, I would also like to ask him if there’s anything he’s learned from that previous experience, and if it’ll help him bring a different approach if he actually wins the election.

  • My Introduction

    Hi, I’m Matthew Hunter. I’m currently studying Mass Communications here at HCC, because I would like to become a journalist at some point in the future. A large chunk of this is because of my passion for film; although many would use this as an opportunity to become a filmmaker, I wanted to become a film critic, as I’ve always expressed an extreme passion and desire to write about movies, I even wrote a couple of reviews back in my later years of high school. Through my experience in various Journalism classes, however, I’ve discovered that film critics are becoming a dying breed due to the rise of social media. In spite of this, I still want to pursue a career in Journalism, and hopefully at some point I’ll be able to write on various other subjects. Right now though, I currently work as a dishwasher at Panera Bread, when I’m not busy with schoolwork. On the side, my main hobbies include watching YouTube videos and occasionally TV shows (mostly anime) and I really like to go swimming, skating (street and ice), play hockey, go on walks and bike rides and various other activities. I also used to be an avid gamer, but over the past few years I’ve found it harder to balance between that and my love of film, so I haven’t done as much as I used to. I don’t have too many friends aside from my loving family members, but I have always expressed a desire to make more connections with others, and hopefully this blog will allow me to do that.

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